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Patients Struggling with Sleep? Offer Sleep Appliances

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Losing out on sleep makes every aspect of life more difficult. It can affect mood, productivity, and overall well-being. It's a serious issue that every medical professional should be seeking to help their patients avoid. When patients seek help from a medical professional for their sleep issues, they may get a referral for a sleep appliance. That's something that your practice can offer. Referrals often happen after a sleep test has revealed that the patient suffers from an issue that can be fixed by a dental sleep appliance (like sleep apnea, for example). 

If you have patients suffering from sleep apnea or disruptive snoring, you might be able to help solve their problem with a dental sleep appliance. Many patients won't be aware of the link between difficulty sleeping and dentistry, so when they come in with a referral, there will be a great opportunity to educate them. Modern dental sleep appliances can improve airflow without sacrificing comfort. That will lead to better sleep and easier breathing for your patients. 

Below are some potential sleep issues that will warrant a sleep appliance:


Potential Sleep Issues:


Snoring can seem innocent at first, but it's a serious condition that can ruin the sleep of anyone affected. Snoring happens when airways are partially obstructed and breath is harder to draw. 


Closely connected to snoring, those with sleep apnea actually stop and start breathing repeatedly during the night. It's a dangerous condition that needs to be treated. 


Insomnia can be the result of snoring and sleep apnea. When airways are partially obstructed and breathing becomes more difficult, sleep, understandably, becomes more challenging. 

After finding that your patient needs a sleep appliance, explore the options that a trusted dental laboratory offers. 

There are numerous sleep appliances on the market that can change the lives of patients. Your practice now has the opportunity to expand its services into the sleep appliance space. Helping patients is what it's all about and now you can help alleviate their snoring and sleep apnea issues. 

Sleep appliances can provide your patients with the relief they desperately need. Contact a trusted dental laboratory and discuss the available options today. A representative can help you determine which appliance will work best for each patient case. Get ready to see some bigger smiles as your patients start getting the sleep they need!


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